ShayTime Features is a production company that focuses on the following

  • Domestic and International Sales

  • Finance  Consulting

  • Acquisitions

  • Content (Story and Project Development at Script Level and/or Treatment Level) 

  • Domestic and International Sales Projection Development 


ShayTime Features has established great relationships with streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and Sony. We also partner with other aggregation companies to get the most for our clients. ShayTime Features has great international relationships with the focus on the Chinese market. Our partnerships in China allows us to create wonderful Co-Production, Finance, and Distribution opportunities. 

The types of projects that ShayTime Features likes to get involved with are of the following genera's 

  • Action Adventure

  • Historical/ Period Pieces 

  • Fantasy/SyFy

  • Animation

  • Thriller/Suspense 

  • Drama/Family 

  • Comedy/Romance 

  • True Story Biopic's 

  • Documentaries (Social Injustice, Environmental, High Profile Cases)

If you have projects that are shot and completed feel free to go to our Contact page and follow the submission instructions.