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We are the Riggles! We are a husband and wife team of content creators that believe in using our talent and passion to serve our community. Our passion has garnered us a successful and fulfilling 25 years of production and non-profit experience. We invite you to read our story so that you can get a glimpse into our backgrounds, and who we are as  community service driven content creators. 

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Our Story

Toby Riggle

When I met Shayla I had just graduated from the Stella Adler Studio of Acting NYC in 2014, and moved to Los Angeles to further my acting in TV and Film. I have been regularly immersed in Classical and Musical Theatre for nearly 20 consecutive years. Within the 1st few weeks of my arrival, I booked a series regular in Paper Cuts (Legend Group Studios). I then starred in various shorts such as Cypher, Comfort, Blaque Out and the highly successful Indie short “Viral,” directed by Kevin Welbeck. Having also been cast as a seasonal performer at Universal Studios, I continued to stay busy in the theatre world in Hollywood, I had the privilege of starring in 2 productions of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Julius Caesar, Three Penny Opera at A Noise Within Theatre Company. Along with  2 more musicals at the Cupcake Theatre, Urine Town and Cinderella. Since then I have become an active member of the United States Air Force and dedicated to providing an outlet of artistic expression for veterans and all our nations hero's. 


Shayla Hudson Riggle

I have experienced over 25 years of success in the entertainment industry both in front of the camera, and behind. Those 25 years are coupled with my background in Non-Profit Development and Business Management. Some of my direct network television experience is with BET, Universal NBC, Oxygen, UPN, and the CW. I'm a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where I trained in classical theater and writing. 3 months After graduation, I toured doing classical theater internationally and performed with the Charles Royal Shakespeare Co., & Shakespeare By the Sea. There was a lack of diversity in the classical space, so I started ShayTime Features to produce content with a classical feel for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) artists. When I decided to start ShayTime Features, is when I met my Husband Toby. 

ShayTime Features has become more than I ever though it would. Through ShayTime Features I have started after school programs, launched a partnership subsidiary, The Hudson Sterling Firm and contracted with several non-profits including two prestigious organizations in Colorado, the Colorado Children's Campaign and most recently the Center for African American Health. I have assisted organizations in building their social media audiences by 60% in a little over a year, and brought 50K in revenue through aggressive social media marketing campaigns and events.


On the production side of ShayTime features, there is 22 years of film sales, distribution, finance, production, development and social media management experience. Toby and I are currently managing and developing the Center for African American Health's Podcast, YouTube Channel and platform. Through the partnership with the Hudson Sterling Firm, I have co-founded a platform called Genre TV on Roku, sold over 6000 films worldwide, and developed relationships with buyers in over 80 countries. Our acquisitions and fundraising has generated over 7 Million in revenue on Tubi, Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, iFlix, Roku, iTunes, Showmax, IrokoTV, SmartTV, and many more platforms all over the world. Toby and I are really looking forward to building and growing with you and your organization! 


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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